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Spring & Summer Consigning

Items accepted at the Spring and Summer Consignment Event. Toys, clothing, furniture, baby equipment.

The items we are accepting for the Spring/Summer Sale:

  • Spring & Summer Infant & Children's Clothing Up to Size 14 in childrens (limited to 150 items per consignor unless consignor is a volunteer) We will accept jeans & light weight long-sleeve shirts

  • Baby Equipment

  • Nursery Furniture including cribs made after July 2011

  • Video Games/CD & DVD's - all kid related!

  • Children’s Bedding

  • Shoes (limited to 15 pair per consignor)

  • Sports/Dance

  • Toys (see guidelines for acceptable toys)

  • and More!

We Cannot Accept the Following Items for Our Sale: 

  • Carseats/Booster Seats

  • Dropside Cribs or cribs made before July 2011

  • Maternity

  • Lularoe for Adults

  • Adult bedding or throw pillows

  • Bath seats or bath tubs

  • Fall & Winter Clothing (save it for the next sale – you will get more $$ for it)

  • Junior, Misses, or Men’s Clothing, Children’s clothing over size 14

  • Out-of-Date Clothing – nothing over 5 years old

  • T-shirts unless they are brand names, logos, or in a set

  • Band shirts such as Hannah Montana, Justin Bieber, etc. If your kids are tired of them, other kids are tired of them too & they won't sell

  • Christmas or Halloween themes

  • Any item that is stained, torn, or worn out

  • Items with Missing Parts, Buttons, Broken Zippers

  • Books/Movies/Video Games with Teen/Adult Themes

  • Gaming systems

  • Video games older than XBox 360, Ninetendo Switch, or PS4

  • Infant Bathtubs - due to CPSC recalls & mildew/mold issues

  • Baby Equipment that is not clean (actually anything that isn't clean)

  • Used Pacifiers, Nipples, Bras, or Underwear

  • Stuffed Animals that do not "do" anything

  • Small Toys that are not within a set



Guidelines for Toys

  • Clean and current

  • Toys should have a minimum price of $1

  • No more than 5 years old

  • No stuffed animals that don't "do" anything

  • No "Happy Meal" type toys

  • No toys with broken/missing parts or pieces

  • No recalled items

  • All toys that need batteries, must have working batteries in them

Please review recall lists for items consigned.