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Pricing Items

  • A general rule of thumb for pricing items for consignment sales is 30% of the retail price. So, if the item was $10 new, then you should price it (at the most) at $3. Remember, these are other parents just like you that want to get a deal!

  • Please note that we request a $2 minimum on clothing. This does not mean that you price an item that is not worth $2 higher. This means you put other items with it or save these items for a yard sale. We have an abundance of clothing and we want to sell the best items possible.

    • Consignors are limited to consigning 150 items unless they help organize the event for a minimum of 4 hours time.

    • There is a 15 item limit per gender/per consignor on shoes. Don't bring "good enough for play" shoes. They will be rejected.

    • There is a 30 item limit per consignor on 0-3 month and 3-6 month items. We will have an abundance of 0-9 month sizes, these items should be priced lower. It is important that you not set your prices too high; the object is the make sure things sell!

    • Consignors must tag & drop-off a minimum of 15 acceptable items to receive a consignor pass.

    • We are NOT accepting maternity. Our sell-through on maternity has never been above 30% and it takes up a lot of valuable space.

  • Please be aware that we charge a $10 consignor registration fee. This is to allow us to provide you with the best possible facility. This fee is the same type of fee you would pay to participate in a craft fair.