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My Mommy Mart Blog


Molly Floding

What do you think happens when you donate items you no longer use? I know we all have a limited amount of time & you probably can't imagine that your gently used, outgrown items would be worth the time & hassle of tagging. So, instead of making money back on those items, you just donate them to a local "non-profit" organization, right? Because you are sure they will immediately open the trash bag & be thrilled to receive those items.

Vienna, WV Goodwill Donation Room

Here is the reality of those donations:

- Only 10% of items donated are considered to be "good enough" to be placed on the sale floor. Most of these items are on the sales floor for less than 2 months.

- About 4.7 billion pounds of clothing are donated by Americans each year.

- Many, many items are shipped overseas to Africa & the second-hand clothing industry is destroying the textile industry there.

- Items not sold in the U.S. or shipped overseas are made into rags or insulation.

-Shannon Whitehead of (r)evolution apparel


Instead of donating your outgrown items to these large "non-profit" organizations, consider selling your items at My Mommy Mart.  But, is it worth the time? Here are some reviews from Facebook:

This was my first time consigning at this sale, but my second time shopping. I’ll definitely be consigning again! I had nothing but positive experiences, both with consigning and shopping.
— Heather M.
One word, FABULOUS! Buyers and sellers, great for both. Sell your gently used kid items and actually make some money without all the hassle of a yardsale! And go shop for your little ones and get great deals knowing it’s clean and organized!!
— Lori H.
Definitely 5 Stars! I have participated in the last several sales and love everything about it! It so great to sell my sons stuff, make a little $, buy even more stuff than I sell and even the volunteering is fun!
— Holly H.
I have been to the sale the past three years. It is a great place to buy gently used items and it’s a great opportunity for people to sell their items they don’t need anymore. It’s a one stop for all you kids needs. I love My Mommy Mart!!
— Deanna H.

To find out more information about what items we are accepting at our upcoming sale, please visit our webpage at  Also, if you are wondering who receives donations left over from the sale, look no further than just down the road to Harmar Gospel Mission and local families with certain needs for children's items.