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My Mommy Mart Blog

Space Issues

Molly Floding

We have been so fortunate at My Mommy Mart to have huge growth in the last 6 years of business. We went from using a small portion of the Jr. Fair Building during our first sale in Fall 2009.


To searching for more space in Fall 2014:

2014-09-23 11.58.42.jpg

I have all the data from the past 11 sales so I can see what items have great sell-through and what items we need to eliminate.  Unfortunately, the two areas that stand out on poor sales are maternity and clothing for kids above a size 14.  Both areas sell less than 30% of the inventory, but take up lots of space.

Don't believe me? Here is the maternity section after the sale, just before we started sorting. 

Starting at the Spring 2015 sale, we will no longer be accepting maternity or children's clothing over a size 14.  Just a heads up - if bedding doesn't start selling better, it will be the next item we eliminate.  We continuously have to make adjustments like this based on the data we have from our previous sales.  

On the bright side, I'm hoping this will give us some space for sorting tables near the back of the building.  When I shop at the sale, I pick up lots of things that I need to really look at and I need a space to do it. I have heard several others say the same thing so this should help with some space issues.