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922 Front St.
Marietta, OH 45750

Children's Consignment Event in the Marietta, Ohio and Parkersburg, WV area. We accept gently used infant and kids clothing, toys, and accessories.

Merry Guidelines

As a consignor, you are responsible for hanging & tagging your own items for the amount you decide. We ask that you use wire hangers, safety pins, and cardstock to tag your items.

Place garments on hangers with the hook facing to the left (so it looks like a question mark). Be sure to keep sets together – you will get more money for your items that are in a set. When hanging a set (pants/shirt) attach shirt to the hanger and then hang pants on the back, not under the shirt. This will help the buyer look over the clothes and know what they are buying. 

The only clothing items acceptable for this sale will be Christmas/holiday themed, outfits for Christmas pictures, & heavy winter coats/snowsuits/bibs. That's it.


Please group items together so they will have a value of at least $2. All pants should be pinned to a hanger – not folded over. Do not jam a hanger into them – they will look terrible and it will ruin the pants. The 2" safety pins work best for pinning pants. Clothing items should be on wire hangers. The only exception is clothing under 12 months. Newborn - 12 month clothing can be on plastic hangers.

Toys and other large items should have packing tape securing the tag across the top of the tag. Items containing small parts may be placed in a Ziploc bag and attached to the item.

If your item has more than one piece attach a handwritten tag with your consignor # & a description, and attach the bar-coded tag on the largest piece. On the bar-coded tag – put how many pieces there are with the item (ex. 1 of 3). Do not attach a bar-coded tag to each piece – it gets very confusing.

Pricing - Items should be priced at about 30% of retail price.  For example, if something was $10, don't price it over $3.00.  (10 x .30 = 3.00) If it was originally $15, then no more than $4.50. ($15 x .30 = $4.50)  You can always price your items for less.

Batteries - If an item needs batteries to work, make sure you drop it off with working batteries.

Toys - All toys must have all pieces. Many of these items will be Christmas gifts. We will not accept incomplete items & cause stress on Christmas morning.

Baby Equipment & Furniture- Please see the list of items that will be accepted for this sale. All furniture & baby equipment should be assembled so the buyer can see what they are purchasing. Items should be thoroughly cleaned and consignors should check the link on the website for We Make It Safer to be sure their items have not been part of a recall.

Shoes - Please only bring your gently used shoes. The only shoes we will be accepting are dressy shoes for Christmas pictures and snow boots. 

Shoes should be attached together by string, zip-ties, whatever it takes to keep them from getting separated. Item tags should be attached directly to the shoes (usually using a zip-tie or safety pin) - not on a bag.


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